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Zoom In

PRIOR Art Space Barcelona

18th February to 21st March 2022

/ Group Show

Emanuel de Caravalho

Moritz Moll

Lanisse Howard

Katja Farin

Adrian Amstrong

Max Thillaye

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PRIOR Art Space Berlin
presents “ZOOM IN”, a group exhibition featuring new and recent work by six contemporary artists exploring themes of digital identities through the mediums of painting and NFT technology.

‘Zoom In’ takes its concept from the digital act of concentrating or focusing on a small detail of a larger image, making it appear closer. The finger gesticulation used to ‘zoom in’ with our smartphones or tablets, forms part of a range of gestures that have come to define our generation. With the ability to zoom in, extract, and repost comes the power of re-contextualisation: the ability to change the original intended meaning completely. Digital devices have enabled a generation to examine images from multiple viewpoints, or to get a closer look at select details in an attempt to make sense of the image, with the threat of losing sight of the bigger picture. This singular act of ‘zooming in’ can alter our perception of the world, providing us with a flat reality within our control.

The artists in this exhibition ultimately seek to re-claim the affective power of images. and to bring to the conversation the co-existence of two worlds: the depth of our experiences and self-identification within them.

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