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PRIOR Art Space Berlin

28th January to 18th February 2022

/ Group Show

Johnson Ocheja

Sikelela Owen

Grace Mattingly

Turiya Magadlela

Isaac Mann

Elsa Sahal

Deniz Pasha

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PRIOR Art Space Berlin

Definition of mama

Mama : Mother

mama : nounma· ma | \ ˈmä-mə, chiefly British mə-ˈmä \ variants: or  mamma or momma
PRIOR Art Space Berlin presents “MAMA”, a group exhibition featuring new and recent work by seven contemporary artists exploring themes of motherhood: Johnson Ocheja, Isaac Mann, Sikelela Owens, Grace Mattingly, Turiya Magadlela, Elsa Sahal and Deniz Pasha. This exhibition forms the second instalment of the PRIOR ‘Next Generation’ series, opening 28th January.The title of the current exhibition ‘Mama’ takes as its starting point the universal word for ‘Mother’ as it seeks to explore the depth and diversity of the motherhood experience. This exhibition brings together a diverse range of contemporary artists who re-interpret the many possibilities and meanings of motherhood, which changes according to the conditions and ideologies which have shaped the parenting culture we belong to. Love and fear, choice and circumstance, expectation and reality all influence our experience and come to re-define motherhood, and the cultural norms and expectations associated with it. Motherhood comes to encompass origin, femininity, life, and ultimately, death. By exploring a theme that has simultaneously infiltrated much of art history, but also been traditionally overlooked, ‘Mama’ seeks to capture the inherent instinct of the Mother to love unconditionally and the different possibilities of representing the maternal experience.

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