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Coming In Coming Out

PRIOR Art Space Berlin

3rd December 2021 to 28th January 2022

/ Group Show

Giorgio Celin

Carlo 'd Anselmi

Alannah Farrell

Lucy Teasdale

Jeanine Brito

Quamanande Maswana

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PRIOR Art Space Berlin

is pleased to present the exhibition “ Coming in Coming out ”

The exhibition intends to bring to the conversation the metaphorical meaning of coming in and out as applied to identity, gender, life matters and belonging. Concepts and experiences of introspection before a personal epiphany, before a journey of self-proclamation and healing. The stigmatized dualism of this process, what we see more as a subsequent and gradational development of the self into a new stage. The space in between, exploring the nuances of questioning our truth, that binarised by political and cultural imperatives distances us from the natural progression of an instinctive self-identification outspeak.
A journey of different paths with the every and only aim to find the freedom to Be.

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